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Yes, you will have the same people cleaning your home. This way we will get familiar with your home. Occasionally when a cleaner is unwell or on leave we will send a replacement, but we will keep you informed in advance where possible.
We prefer to supply the cleaning products. Our investigation has shown what works best for stain removal, sanitisation, polish and sealers.
If you have a preference on product please let us know, we are happy to discuss with you.
We have a team leader who is responsible for checking our teams finishing. We can make mistakes, and we ask you check to ensure we have not missed anything prior to leaving. If you have any issues, please address them to the team leader and they will be more than happy to recitify before leaving. We pride ourselves on our standards and continuously work hard to keep our customer satisfaction.
Whilst we understand issues can incur and plans change, we need at least 24 hours notice of changes. Any cancellations / changes provided in under 24 hours will incur a $75 cancelalation fee.
While we don't require payment until on the day of service (Unless agreed during booking of different payment terms.) Late payments will be provided to debt collection agency and any collection fees will be added to the invoice.
Payment is required on the day services are rendered. We will also ask at times for a non refundable booking deposit. This will be taken off your final balance. Our preferred methods are either credit card or direct transfer. Surcharges are waived on credit card payments. We accept both Visa and Mastercard.
Our team is insured against injury and property damage as required by Victoria’s state government. All staff are covered by workcover as well as public liability insurance.
We take time and thoroughly train our cleaners. We work with our cleaners one on one until they have met our standards. Our cleaners are trained on how to use our cleaning products, follow cleaning techniques and standards of all cleaning services. They are also trained on safety procedures while in your home. Together these practices ensure excellent quality while maintaining a safe working environment.

Covid Safe Plan

Yes, as required by the Victorian government, we have an up to date Covid safe plan. We review this monthly and make any adjustments as required or as medical advice changes.
We respect peoples choice on vaccination, and whilst not mandated, all our staff have been vaccinated by their own choice.

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